Nom : Helleborus Famille : Renonculacées Type : Vivace Hauteur : 30 à 80 cm Exposition : Mi-ombre et ombre Sol : Ordinaire Floraison : Décembre à mars Planter l’hellébore à l’automne -  évitez le soleil direct - Lorsque les bourgeons apparaissent, supprimez les feuilles flétries, tachées ou fanées

Hellebore - the Christmas Rose - Despite names such as "Winter Rose","Christmas rose" and "Lenten rose", hellebores are not closely related to the rose family

I had the one on the lower left (I don't know if it will survive this cold winter) But I want every color here plus the white one not listed

Colorful hibiscus Had this flower in my hair daily on my resent visit to Hawaii=) Loved it =)

Hellebore's (Lenten Rose) are such a lovely late winter/ early spring shade flower! This hellebore's foliage is finer than most, allowing the full, fluffy flowers—a striking combination of magenta, yellow, and green—to take center stage.

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hellebores a great shade flower with evergreen leaves. blooms in late winter!

Hellébore ou rose de Noël, des fleurs au cœur de l'hiver

Hellébore ou rose de Noël, des fleurs au cœur de l'hiver

purple hellebore flower, also known as Christmas rose and Lenten rose

Royal Heritage Strain Lenten Rose (Helleborus Royal Heritage Strain) at Wayside Gardens

Helleborus Royal Heritage™ Strain

The incredibly beautiful Nordic design with a focus on simplicity makes this wedding special.

Celebrating Her Love Of Botany With A Green Wedding At Old Mac Daddy

Issue 4 Cover shoot by Jen Huang

Issue 4 Cover Shoot By Jen Huang