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    Great white shark

    • Meghan Gray-Green

      Great White Shark watching off of Cape Town South Africa. - YIKES! What is it they say about doing things that terrify you?

    • Huck Perry

      The great white shark has a big mouth with over FOUR rows of teeth, so when you are swimming the ocean, WATCH OUT!

    • Xelena Empress of the Impossible

      ✮ Great White Shark Misunderstood and wonderful animals! Nature needs it's predators. STRICTER PENALTIES FOR SHARK KILLING!!

    • Angela DeMarco

      Great White Shark. Evolution has taken its course in these animals for the past 400 million years to make them the world's perfect predator.

    • Top10 Listings

      This predator of the ocean is considered a killing machine with its colossal build. Averaging a humungous 15 feet long, this lethal creature has up to 300 razor sharp and serrated teeth along with a powerful jaw to chunk off flesh and limbs. Sharks are undeniably on top of the food chain and snacks on sea lions and seals and unfortunately, humans. There is a recorded 100 shark attacks per year with a majority of these attacks perpetrated by Great White Sharks.

    • MenAtWorkComms

      Great White Shark Showing of its pearly whites @ Cape Town South Africa.

    • Megan

      animals, sea life, marine life, sharks, great white sharks

    • Alyssa R.

      In honor of #sharkweek

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    Great White Shark

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    Great White Shark


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