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Yup probably

But I can't be the only one who'd freak out if jake from State Farm answered. << I would too girl, i feel ya.

I believe that this could be a depiction of the female power or shame concept. I remember growing up I would have to hide the fact that I was taking a tampon to the bathroom when I was on my period. I definitely think that this has to do with Brumberg's text when she talks about how the period is something that is so hush hush and no one talks about it. It's best to just avoid it all together like the Victorian mothers did. Sometimes this is still true for me today, I do still try to hide…

dangergays: “ pocket-niall: “ Every single time ” STORY TIME. Okay, so in like, grade, I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom. I took my bag and she didn’t question it bc she inferred what was.


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