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Relationship Tip | life hacks #1423: "Admit when you're wrong and shut up when you're right. This is a simple way to drastically improve the quality of your relationships." | Quote via 1000 Life Hacks here:

Yeah this is sadly true and people say that our music was satanic like the eff shut up before I get off my unicorn and slap the eff out of you lol okay but this is so true.

Thank you! I mean, seriously! Everybody's comparing Jason to Percy Jackson! I mean, listen to your selves! Your comparing two people, and saying that the underdog is weak! Are you kidding me? Jason might not be Percy Jackson, but have you met anyone who's killed a giant? Lived after being stabbed by a celestial bronze sword? Be a pretty awesome boyfriend? Okay! Jason is a hero so you should just freaking deal with it!