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Roller boogie fashion at Faces Disco, Rush Street, 1978, Chicago.

Roller Boogie | 1979- DISCO on SKATES!! Oh Yes It was all over Cali and live on the streets of manhattan ..in parks and Central Park..OH YES.

Disco jeans, 1979. I wanted a pair of these so badly, but not entirely appropriate for an eight year old.

A solider goes “weak at the knees” after Linda Darnell asks him to dance at the Hollywood Canteen, 1940s

A young woman on roller skates and her soldier honey, 1940s.

70s disco themed roller skating party

roller disco - I AM a roller skater (NOT a roller blader, alas)

haha the MONKEES!


disco time fashion

1970s Roller Skates Retro Yellow & Rainbow

1960's school dance

How I looked in my childhood roller dreams (in my head)

the disco brief

Disco... I grew up in the wrong era... I love love john travolta in this movie dancing... He's a great dancer in all the old movies he's in... Saturday night fever....my parents watched this all the time when i was lil !

Fashion Knit Shirt and Pants 1978

Kennedy assassination headline, 1963. (From photogallery "Chicago's defining moments: 1840-1963" http://trib.in/mVZ3Qp)

Flappers Dancing the Charleston atop the Sherman Hotel, Chicago, December 11, 1926

Disco Fashion for Men

Boogie Wonderland | 1970s Soul Train Dancer