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    Cadiz, Spain Earliest inhabitation: 1,100 BC Found on a narrow spit of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cadiz has been the home of the Spanish navy since the 18th century. It was founded by the Phoenicians as a small trading post and fell to the Carthaginians around 500BC, becoming a base for Hannibals conquest of Iberia. It then came under Roman and Moorish rule, before experiencing a renaissance during the Age of Exploration.

    Roman Roads The principle Roman road in Jordan is the famous Via Nova Traiana, which some milestones explain extended ‘from the borders of Syria as far as the Red Sea’. In fact, it ran from southern Syria, through the provincial capital of Arabia at Bostra, right down past Petra to Aila on the Gulf of Aqaba, a total of c. 350 km (from Ancient Jordan from the Air).

    Earring Period: Roman Period, later than Date: A.D. 4th century or later Geography: Egypt

    Vessel in the Shape of a Fish 4th–6th century Roman or Byzantine Copper alloy, cast

    Fragments of the frieze from the Basilica Aemilia in the Forum Romanum depicting a nuptial scene 1st century BCE-1st century CE (1) National Museum of Rome

    Marble head of Athena. Period: Augustan or Julio-Claudian Date: ca. 27 B.C.–A.D. 68 Culture: Roman Medium: Marble, Island

    Bronze statuette of a horse Roman 2nd century CE Meropolitan _Museum

    Rome, Forum Romanum,Titusbogen (Roman Forum, Arch of Titus)

    Roman baths, Beirut , Lebanon

    Linen sheet of Myt Date: ca. 2051–2030 B.C. 11 dyn Deir el-Bahri, Tomb of Myt, Temple of Mentuhotep II, Pit 18, MMA 1920-1921 Accession Number: 26.3.14