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Hank Leach sent us before-and-after photos of his lovingly restored A-H 100. 45 years ago, the car looked like this. #MyMossParts

From Gerry Geil’s 1977 MGB project car: Just received the interior kit for my '77 MGB. I’m not any kind of an upholsterer, but this was easy. The hardest part was getting the foam parts out of the shrink wrap. Beautiful finished, the seats look really good.

Luis Morales: "The restoration on the 1968 MGB took my father, wife, and I nearly two years to complete the ground-up restoration. The car was given the nickname The Beast. Each and every very component was either completely restored or replaced with new parts." #MyMossParts

Chris Longo: My 1968 MGB GT running in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Schenley Park race course. Tons of parts ordered from Moss, including windshield, windshield aluminum trim, all rubber gaskets/seals, tons of engine parts, 15 Panasport wheels, and all what little chrome is on her (gotta keep her weight down since she's a race car!)

James Johnson: So far the car is being readied for paint. I just ordered a new front bumper, headlight ring, window cranks, and various seals that need replaced. The guy doing the work for me is amazed at the condition of the car. It's never had body work and has very little rust. Has been in my family for about 40 years. #MyMossParts

Ian Hopkinson used MG maroon paint to refinish this MGB engine. "The car is actually a TD, but it was re-engined a long time ago in Germany with an MGB engine, gear box, and back axle." #MyMossParts

This week, a series of three photos from Kevin and Collin Lesko: "I recently rebuilt my ’69 B with my son. I last did this in 1977 and wanted Collin to learn how to learn about caring for a classic auto."

Ken Geljack's 1961 MGA MK II police car! I did a frame-up restoration. University Motors Grand Rapids ordered the needed items from Moss: interior, top, tonneau cover, wire harness, engine area, etc. #MyMossParts

Dennis Clinton: "This is my 1966 Westcoaster Mail Master. I have been restoring it for the last 14 months. While manufactured in CA, all brake parts are from Lucas." #MyMossParts