Voldemort VS Hand Sanitizer <---- No. Voldemort IS Hand Sanitizer.

Some of the Harry Potter actors in their younger years.>>Maggie Smith is so pretty

Voldemort problems--no nose is good nose? ha ha ha!

HP....Always <3

Best facial expressions from HP.

lets go back to HP

himym + hp = epic

Aladdin/Harry Potter lol. I didn't get it at first until I realized how I said "itty bitty living space" in my head ha.

Harry Potter propaganda posters illustrations by Kate Moore :: via He’s on the prowl for careless owls!


HP/Mean Girls

Love me some HP!

Harry Potter.. technically he's Blaise Zabini in the movie. In the book it is Crabbe, but they changed it. I presume Crabbe quit, since we don't see him in movie six or seven. (part one or two)

I love the "WWII propaganda posters" and "Harry Potter" crossover idea! The Boy Who Lived via Etsy.

HP love

Hp X

Yeah this happens in books... alot!!!

"I don't know what Quidditch position you play, but you sure look like a keeper"... classic nerdy pick-up line xD

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson's signatures. They really didn't change much. I guess mine hasn't really either.

HP Mean Girls