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At the camp I work at when one of my kids do something I taught them it literally makes every bad moment worth it

Just Little Things

Micile detalii ce ne fac fericiți

I love it when my nephew and niece do this! it melts my heart. best feeling ever!

<3 the best time of my day, everyday...holding my sweet baby boy until he is asleep...even if he is 19 months old. ;) One day he will be 19 years old and I won't be able to rock him to sleep anymore. I want to absorb, cherish & remember every makes absolutely everything better.

The best and worst thing I can do. I love to hold and love on babies, but then I'm sad I can't take em home.

... it's the little things one has ever been able to spell it right besides my friend and it took her 2 years...

This happens very rarely. I mean Cosette is a pretty hard word to spell. Usually people spell it "Cossete" Or "Cossette".

Almost as good as the feeling I get after my first sip of coffee in the morning! :)

Ode to Chapstick