Jihl Nabaat, Final Fantasy XIII

The 15 Best Outfits of Final Fantasy

Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy XIII; She was so beautiful, but evil. They should have extended her story a BIT more than what was presented.

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Alberto Lagares Estraviz - Google+

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According to a recent poll Funnyjunkers voted overwhelmingly in favor of classy, non-lewd armored women. With that in mind I've compiled DnD female Armor nonlewd classy


Armour for a more mysterious character but the blue robes attached to his armour show he is good natured. Pieces of this armour could be used for a good assassin type character.

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Who the hell titled this pin "Traditional Archer"? Half shaved head in a bikini with heels and pseudo Asian embroidery on her uber-long loin cloth? For the record, archery in high heels counts as

Young-june Choi

Stunning Kingdom Under Fire II fan Art by Young-june Choi. Young-june is a Concept Artist based in Songnam, Kyonggi-do, Korea, South. Kingdom Under Fire II is an upcoming real-time strategy video game developed by Blueside.