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Getting insurance companies to pay for children's therapies: 9 hacks

9 hacks for getting the insurance company to pay for your child's speech, physical, OT and ABA therapy (the sane way)

Beyond The Code - Essential Skills For Coders.

Beyond The Code - Essential Skills For Coders. Prepare your child for a successful career in computer programming and coding with these essential skills beyond programming languages.

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Childhood Self About Cerebral Palsy

Author:Karina Siriano Now that I’m an adult and am a little bit more mature, I look back on my life and wish there were some things I would have known or done as a child growing up with cerebral pa...

Hatch is a website where little ideas can make a big difference to kids with special needs. Built by disability manufacturers, Leckey and Firefly, the site gives everybody a space to talk, discuss and create. It is open to ideas and inventions from anyone, anywhere who wants to help children with special needs.

Transformer Sensory Sack™

Special Needs Kids Toys & Equipment | Therapy Toys for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder | Transformer Sensory Sack

Are you a family of a child with special or medical needs? Do you know someone who is? Then this is the must have resource for grants for medical equipment such as wheelchairs or adaptive bikes, grants to help with medical costs, wish organizations and other ways you can brighten up your child’s day. I... Read More »