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Professor Captures Incredible Photos of Whales in Arctic Waters

Full of power and majesty, whales are favored subjects among wildlife photographers. As a professor of marine biology at the University of Tromsø and scientific advisor at the Norwegian Institute for the Study of Nature, Audun Rikardsen has an unparalleled view into the world of whales. In 2010, Rikardsen began photographing the incredible beauty that …

10 Luxurious Skeletons Unearthed From Catacombs In Rome

Paul Koudounaris turns his lens on the long-lost, iced-out skeletons of the Roman Catacombs Long before Damien Hirst encrusted a platinum cast of a human skull with flawless diamonds in 2007 for his art piece, “For the Love of…

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¿Puedes ver los 12 puntos negros de esta imagen al mismo tiempo?

If you scan your eyes across this image, you'll see there's 12 dots. But how many of them can you see, all at once? I'm getting between three and four dots at once. I tried moving closer and further from the screen and it made no difference. As