Wedding photo football pose :: - I am a big football fan and I really like this unique pose. It's a good way to show everyone off and have some fun. Even the guests could be a part of this one! I'm not sure how much open space there is on the lawn of our venue, but something tells me we could make this work.

Now that is funny

I LOVE THIS! Will def be a part of my photos one day ;)

The Foundation on which all is built.


Hilarious picture on the wedding day

Football Wedding Theme Ideas | We interrupt this wedding to bring you football season. perfection! I'll need this later since you know.. I'm marrying a football player


his parents, bride and groom, and her parents. love this!

With only the bride and groom in color, it really seems like time is standing still in the photo.

So doing this pic will probably be my hubbys favorite pic!

wedding picture

hilarious. only we'll need to cover Jen's eyes...

Save the date :)

This pose is necessary.

Pick a seat, not a side.

fab pic for a thank you card!

Groom/best man picture...I love it!

Best wedding picture!

I love this picture.

Idea for parents' picture - if you can do this, what a great memory!