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we have an albino doe in our area. it has had twins and single fawns, but no albino babies.

Spring time - Doe with fawn  I have tons of deer come through our patio.. I love watching them in the morning and the evening when they come through and nap in our yard.

What a beautiful sight: a mother and her young. This is truly proof of God's creation.

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Whitetail Buck

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Lechwe with baby

A rare leucistic Kafue Flats Lechwe antelope calf was born at Paignton Zoo. Her keepers have named her Sethunya, meaning blossom. She is not a true albino as her eyes are blue not pink.

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What a precious baby! This little fawn knows to lie low in the underbrush until Mama comes back from foraging. Then he/she will have some warm milk and a bath. Sweet little baby.


Piebald fawns with blue eyes. Piebald deer have a white-and-brown patterned coat that resembles that of a pinto horse. There is an estimated of white-tailed deer affected by this genetic mutation.

albino stag

Amazing Albino White Deer with antlers, And Friends – 45 Pics February 2015