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I love this picture so much

Seriously, though. And I like it says Mom/Dad cuz there are boy directioners too!

Maybe we'll share a room! and talk about one direction all day @_@ <------ crazy eyes (sorry for the freak out u prob think im super weird)

Yep, see all of y'all in therapy! Hope they have blue food, peeps!<<< was that a percy Jackson reference?

When someone you secretly hate arrives at pre-drinks: | 19 Pictures Non-Bitchy People Will Never Understand

When someone you secretly hate arrives at pre-drinks:

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I'm crying. This is so true and so sad. I hope ALL directioners read this and really think and absorb the fact that the boys wont be a band forever and I really hope we all can enjoy and love them while we still can.

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%100 me, I know no British music fans other than myself obvi

Ha me my gr 8 year hahaha we did a project on forien bands. I was crazed by and I looked at them and said no. I ended up doing the project alone and got an A for it