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They were only allowed here under the "Wet Douche, Dry Douche" program. Not that I'd wish either of them harm, but if the POTUS put them in a chum ladden inner tube, and sent them back, I think it would even the score on the damage they have done to American lives.

"The only thing President Obama could do to gain Republican support is impeach himself, and even then they'd be mad he did it alone". Baratunde @baratunde

from BuzzFeed

Texas Truancy Bill Opposed Over The Cost Of Providing Children Attorneys

Counties Push To Block Attorneys For Truant Students In Texas --- The Texas legislature is considering a host of reforms to its truancy program this session and will consider one leading proposal, authored by Democratic Sen. John Whitmire, this afternoon. It seeks to end the practice of jailing students on charges related to truancy and also wants to let judges appoint a lawyer to represent students in their truancy cases when they deem it “in the best interest of the child. But... counties…

Liberal idiots●●●● ummmm yeah, your going to have to go ahead and accept tke laws of the United States of America, which states exactly that. You don't have to be illegal, your most welcome to come here legally as generations before have honored.