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Barbie and the Rockers - I used to love dressing Barbie up in that cool outfit! and I had the pink cassette tape of the songs too.

Barbie and the Rockers! I had Barbie and my sister had Dana.this was one of my favorite Barbies of all time, hahah (aside from Peaches n Cream Barbie!

Peaches 'n Cream Barbie. One of my first Barbies - I still have the dress somewhere in a box. It was nice, peachy, and fluffy.

I loved my Peaches & Cream Barbie ! 18 Barbie Dolls From The And That Are Worth A Fortune Now

80's Barbie Dolls-I had all of these plus some more!

I remember my sister had the Peaches & Cream Barbie on the left and the one in the white/red Heart dress!

Would give anything to smell them all!  Memories!

toys collection--Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Care bears.all in rainbow colors toys from my daughters youth

WOW! I remember this! I loved it!  Vintage Barbie Loves McDonalds 80s Toys by ...

I got this for Christmas one year and was the happiest kid on the face of the earth!Vintage Barbie Loves McDonalds Toys by ThePantages on Etsy

Mini Piano...I had so many of these. ....OMG the memories. .....

32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

This use to be my fave!

Rainbow Heart Plastic Stretch Bracelet Everything was rainbows and hearts…

The Barbie dream house...my #1 favorite, most used/abused childhood toy.  Sometimes my brother's Starwars toys would stop over and hang with the girls

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My sister and I had this house! We loved it and played with it all the time! The Barbie Dream House in the and vs. The Barbie Dream House today, which recently got a renovation.

I had all of these from McDonald's

I remember "Barbie Happy Meal" toys. A lot of trips took place to McDonalds to get another Happy Meal and another Barbie.