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    Ruby Jean and Joe (1995) - Sensing that his rodeo career is waning, rangy Joe Wade increasingly seeks solace with booze. His life is rapidly going down the chutes until the day he picks up teenage hitcher Ruby Jean. During the brief time they are together, the two form a lasting friendship and discover the possibilities of love. Drawing inspiration from each other, each leaves the relationship a stronger and better person.

    Tom Selleck as Joe in a fun movie called Ruby Jean and Joe.

    Ruby Jean & Joe - Rebekah Johnson & Tom favorite western

    The Talk of the Town 1942

    Must Love Dogs

    Desirée (1954) - The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

    Nothin' like a good cowboy to ride into the sunset...

    Braveheart (1995)

    Western Movies - Movie Posters - Joe Kidd

    Ruby's Bucket of Blood

    If you're born to such a hell as was 16th century Paris there would be no way to reconcile the two opposites of beauty and the hideous. The film is a lesson in extreme dysfunction. When a child is born its life will be determined by whether there is love and nurture. This child didn't have a chance... except for his olfactory gifts and humans obsession with perfume. The sweet smell offsetting the reality of life, so to speak.

    Hotel Rwanda (2004) I saw this in world history class last year. My heart was pounding the whole time.

    Up. I love every movie from pixar so if I don't have every pixar movie in here they are all my favorite movies.

    The Lion King

    Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood in Ang Lee´s “Sense and Sensibility” (1995)

    What is more important than the circle of life?

    The Proposal

    Downton Abbey MBTI Personality Types

    The Graduate, 1967 (dir. Mike Nichols). #hoffman #movie #film