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The Six Best Ways to Decrease Your Anxiety

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Read on to find out the seven habits of extremely punctual people, but don't put them off until tomorrow!

13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them

Good reminders: 13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them. 13 Things Stressed People Do.

An answer to one of the questions asked on my previous post ASK APRIL...next week I will answer the other question asked in those comments... I have a few chicks in my circle of influence (in my small group or mums group) who really struggle with anxiety and worry. We're doing a series by elevation…

CBT - Thoughts - There’s a lot of thought patterns we activate when we interact with others. Here’s a take on cognitive errors mixed with some of the mental habits we try to cultivate through yoga– and mindfulness in general.

Coping with Stress | Coping Mechanisms to Deal with Stress | Real Life Coaching

Tension Relief

Make a stress management chart. Pick the top ten things that worry or stress you out. Then pick a topic per week to focus on. Challenge those stressors in your life by asking yourself what that means for you.

Stress relief ideas...I need to remember these!

Try some of these Stress Relief Activities to help reduce stress. - Reduce Stress with your Senses

ADHD and Motivation Part 1: Injecting Interest by Coach Linda Walker  "As an ADHDer, when you face a boring task, your brain just doesn’t activate, so it’s difficult to take action... Unfortunately, however, you blame yourself for this problem..."

Definition of Psychology; Historical antecedents of Psychology and trends in the century; Psychology and scientific methods; Psychology in relation to other social sciences and natural sciences; Application of Psychology to societal problems.

I like this model for what a well balanced life looks like, although for each individual person, this may have to be tweaked just a bit, but the idea is still the same. Some things that I, and Abraham Maslow believe are good to include in a well balanced life (I sound like a Kellogg's Commercial!), are: art, positive emotions, a career, education, relationships, money, health, happiness/fun, public service, travel, etc. Just some things to think about including in your life to help round it…

Physical, spiritual, lifestyle, mental/emotional and people support - the goal of self-care is to feel vital and balanced [free from depression and anxiety]

“The two lobes of the cerebrum were called by the ancients Cain and Abel, and have much to do with the legend of the curse with Cain, which is literally the curse of unbalance. For the murder of the spirit of the equilibrium Cain is sent forth a wanderer of the earth.”  ~ Manly P. Hall

The Best Sport For Your Brain


Relief Society Gratitude Lesson - I actually learned a little bit about this stuff in my psychology class! It will definitely help on days that just aren't quite going your way!

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Teen General Anxiety Disorder and Hookah Tobacco Smoking

Social anxiety disorder is a serious condition today. However, before we get to social anxiety disorder test, it is very important to understand what social anxiety test is and how serious this con…

Infographic: Let's Talk About Stress

Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress! Stress Relief Tips

Positive steps for mental health

Mental Health

Keeping mental health. People always talk about things to keep physically healthy, but not mentally healthy. So here are some tips to keep your mind happy

The struggle is real. Stop judging.

Thank you-- These are Real Brain Problems. people that don't struggle with these issues don't understand. This compilation of brain scans of patients diagnosed with various psychological problems are compared with those who don't