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  • David

    So You Need a Typeface This is really a flowchart and cheat sheet with graphic designer Julian Hansen’s suggestions on how to pick a font for a design project, but it does embody the essence of what an infographic is: to present useful information in a visual way.

  • Marko Janković

    Great infographic that helps you to select the right typeface #typography #type #graphicdesign

  • IAQ Graphic Design

    So you need a typeface infographic. Start out by choosing a kind of project that’ll need your typeface for. Then get very lost it this technical flowchart. IAQ Graphic Design #GraphicDesign #Design #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography #Infographic #Serif #SanSerif #Infographics

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To all Graphic Designers & Front End Web Developers... when you're in doubt and not sure which typeface you have to use... this will come in handy ♥