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Poster for science classroom

LOL...feel like I'm herding those crazy lil dinos from JP that were dashing here and there. Teaching And Dinosuars

Funny Friendship Ecard: I frequently use my teacher voice outside the classroom, randomly and unintentionally.--- yep like on guys at the bar who won't leave me alone

Wanted: Fun and exciting ideas to teach science safety to upper elem and middle schoolers Please post to my blog :) or just use the cool poster idea for your own classroom.


This teacher has got student documentations down to a science! Great RTI resource!

"Is Bubbles a good name for a hamster?"

Tell the class to keep the noise level down so the balls won't bounce {so very cool!!}

Science humor

so many good shirts on this site!


new hall pass

EINSTEIN THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS Arguably the greatest mind in the history of the world had a (70%) higher concentration of glial cells, a wider parietal lobe than the average human brain, and (at 76) had a healthy brain of a young with no degenerative symptoms.

Mrs. Simonson's Class: Taxonomy Foldable Instructions included. Made for 7th grade science :)

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Elementary vs. High School Teachers: Who has the tougher job?


Yes you can single stem cell.... Yes you can