I better start stocking up on Kleenex now.

"She was off-camera, but she sat next to him and read her letter to him during this scene, quietly, so it would be real." <3 Poor Matt (.gif!)

"Matt Smith just likes kissing people." ...yeah, well...if you ever feel the need to kiss someone again, come and find me, Matt Smith...

"I want everyone who thinks Matt was one of the best Doctors we have had. If you think he is amazing, talented, beautiful. Re-blog this. And maybe, just maybe, BBC tumblr will find it and show him that no, he was not a joke. He was our Doctor and we will miss him dearly."

Love the expression on Karen's face


Omg I feel like crying

"I love Matt Smith for how he plays The Doctor. Such an old tortured soul in such a young body. But over the course of the years he has managed to change each and every facial expression to reflect the trials and tribulations this character has faced, and every single one of The Doctor's losses are etched into every sad glance and furrowed brow. This still is case in point. And that, friends, is the mark of a darn good actor who will stand the test of time." REAL TEARS

This is wonderful.

Get ready, we're going on a feels trip.

This is why I love him, and must marry him!

Come Along, Pond - he thought it was cute, so he broke our hearts with it in Angels Take Manhattan

Yes sweetie

This scene.

As if we need a list to tell us how amazing Matt Smith is. :). | 31 Times Matt Smith Was The Most Perfect Human Being Ever

Feels, so many feels...

Steven Moffat wrecks everyone's life, including Matt Smith...and we love him for it, so who's crazier? :/


Vintage Doctor Who Necklace. My bestie bought me this for my birthday and a sonic screwdriver and I wear it today