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Jessica Poole working at the bench, setting gemstones with the use of a microscope. A highly specialised technique that Jessica learnt through intensive training in Antwerp, Belgium

Jessica Poole | Micro Pave Practice | Jessica practised Micro Pave intensively. Learning and perfecting the process of setting tiny diamonds and other gemstones. Here is an image of 1mm diamonds that she set during her apprenticeship.

Precision tools used for Micro Pave. The small spindles at the front are called "burrs" and Jessica uses these to drill the holes for the diamonds and gemstones to sit in. Some of Jessica's burrs are as tiny as 0.5mm, and some of her drill bits are even smaller measuring 0.3mm.

Jessica working on Micro Pave. The process involves setting diamonds that can be as small as 0.5mm so a microscope is necessary. Each tiny stone is hand-set by Jessica so it a long process, but enjoyable nonetheless. This specialist technique is such a beautiful way to show off the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones.

Jessica Poole | Micro Pave practice with an oval central stone. Tiny diamonds set under a microscope. The prongs that keep the diamond or gemstone in place are usually invisible to the naked eye. It gives you an idea of how detailed Micro Pave can be!