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Teach your kids to memorize scripture! It's easier than you think, and so important. Here's the why, the how and the what to teach.
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I've always liked these things, and texts from doge! I like that too
Teach Your Child to Memorize Scripture: Why, How, and What
Things are not always what they seem. The path from thoughts to feelings to reactions is not linear or even always rational, especially in children.
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Overwhelm is a common challenge for busy moms. If you are an overwhelmed mom, I've got just the thing for you. This one tool made a huge change in my day.
Free Printable: 30 Scriptures to Pray for Your Children
You see quotes all the time on never giving up, however this quote from Dean Karnazes gives me a new appreciation of what it means. Dean has run 50 marathons on 50 consecutive days in 50 different states and run 100 mile marathons where in one case he by himself beat a team of 12. Having just stated running this year, I have a new appreciation for this quote and it's meaning.