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“Burlesque is a style of dancing. It’s an art, like most dances, but it’s also something more. Burlesque is sensual and cheeky.” She shimmied her shoulders. ~A Beautiful Pointe by Julie Anne Lindsey, coming November 2013.| Pinup Girl features pinup models and pin up photographers.

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Dita von Teese, Ultimate Hot Pics

Burlesque type dress

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Dita Von Teese slams skinny models and turns them away in favour of curvy women

Dita's new lingerie line.. she told her models "no spray tan" :)

Tempest Storm: vintage 4x5 Irving Klaw Photo Tempest appeared in 2 Irving Klaw films: Teaserama (1955) and Buxom Beautease (1956). Photos of Tempest’s performance in the films were also sold via Irving Klaw’s mail order business.

Burlesque. Original caption: 'So much sexier than the current nothing left to the imagination styles.' Amen.

en pointe with corset and feather fans?! perfection.