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The Urnes Style (c.1040 – 1150) last phase of Viking art. Takes its name from the remarkable carved wooden doors of the stave church at Urnes, Norway, Is a refinement if the Ringerike style & depends upon interplay of gracefully curving lines for its effect. The animals are still curvaceous & one or more snakes are included with the quadrupeds. The spiral hip is still used, but it is not as large as in Mammen & Ringerike styles. The animals have large almond-shaped eyes & often bite one…

Between the eighth and 11th centuries, the Vikings left modern day Norway, Denmark and Sweden on bloody voyages of conquest to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Southern Europe and even North America. Many have long believed that the fearsome Norsemen left their women and children at home in Scandinavia when they took off to settle new lands, but a new study tells a different tale. By tracing the genetic stamp

Miollnir (Mjöllnir), Thor’s hammer, amulet, 10th Century, Sweden. Hollywood might have changed it for the movie.

Borre Ring Pin: Ring-headed Pin in Borre Style Replica of Scandinavian Find excavated in Russia. Late 10th century

Another Vendel Era Helm (550-793). Held at the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities. Note the boar bristle crest...

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