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Now that i have moved onto high school. I have become a part of the summit tigers. I will participate in sever extracurricular activities at this school including football and lacrosse. i will be here until my senior year.

~~Practice Swat! ~ tiger cub by Todd Ryburn~~

I will protect you, my wife!

Siberian tigers playing. By Tambako The Jaguar on Flickr with permisson

Siberian tigers. Too many have been lost. Help save them.

Cute and fragile. Did you know there are more Tigers living in captivity now than in the wild? Check out Cause an Uproar with Nat. Geo's Big Cat Initiative. animals.nationalg...

~~Siberian King | male tiger by seVenTone~~

Bengal Tiger - The accepted record weight, per the Guinness Book of World Records, for a wild tiger was 860 lb for a Bengal tiger shot in 1967, though its weight may have been boosted by the fact that it had eaten a water buffalo the previous night.

Siberian Tiger Drinking here to find out more