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gas prices!

I can remember it being lower than that during "gas wars" when I was a little girl. Particularly, one Friday night on AIA during the gas wars, I remember my dad paying 25 cents a gallon (and that was 'high' I think it was the early

good old time!!

Table Jukebox - You chose the tune and put a coin in to hear it. They were at each table in a restaurant/diner. There used to be a restaurant in simcoe that had these.

These postage stamp vending machines were everywhere: drug stores, groceries, gas stations, motel lobbies (next to the post card rack)

Vintage U. Postage Stamp Vending Machine by Christian Montone.wow I remember these

Woolworths...One of Grandma's favorite places to take us for lunch downtown.

Woolworth's, and most drug stores had lunch counters, or at least soda fountains. I remember eating at both the Woolworth's and McCrory's lunch counters with my Grnadma.

Swansons. I used to burn the crap out of my fingers.  Then I got smart,  popped them out while frozen,put on glass plate then microwave it!!!!

I remember Swanson TV dinners in tin trays. We considered these dinners as a treat and only ate them when my father was away. I thought the peas were quite tasty and much better than canned.

this was like gold to me when I was little, I always had to use the cheap ones

Crayola Crayons - remember "Prussian blue" and "spring green"?the 64 box. I remember opening it and marveling at all the colors. The wonderful sharpener. Even now, when I open a new box of crayons the happy memories just flood back and I smile.

Bob's Big Boy!, Simply the Best Hamburgers & Diner Foods Ever, Whether in Michigan, or Massachusetts or Even Houston, Texas . . . We can Still Taste the Memory, Fabulous !!

Loved their Bob's Big Boy Hamburger, French fries dipped in their Roquefort Dressing and a Coke.

Did you ever use one of these?

Used to sprinkle & dampen clothes before ironing. You would sprinkle them with water then roll them up and put them in a plastic bag till they were damp and you could iron the wrinkles out better. My mother used an old coke bottle.

No, they won't.  Lol

We live in my mother's house with her, as caregivers.a corded phone in EVERY room! and I think everyone we knew then had the list of numbers posted on the wall by the phone]

Aluminum Drinking Glasses!! My grandma had these!

Vintage Atomic Aluminum Drinking Glass Set with Tray - Mom & Dad had these in their bar. They made your drink soooo cold!

Transistor radio

Transistor radio - I had one (listened with ear piece in bed at night).

Vintage Barbie Case and Clothes

Vintage Barbie Case and Clothes Recognize that dress anywhere and those plastic hangers. Loved to take out my Barbie & Case full of clothes to play Barbies!