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  • Anti Icky Poo

    Celebrities love their pets. Some have some VERY odd pets. This was posted by Mary Reyes June, 2012. Hope these cuties are still with us. David Beckham's Micro Pigs made Number 25. Tori Spelling's Chickens, Mike Tyson's pigeons, Leonardo DiCaprio's tortoise, Nicole Kidman's Alpacas and more!

  • Scarlett Ohara

    teacup pet these are so cute What about a teacup piglet instead? by latonya

  • Lico Butterflykiss

    teacup pigs #animal

  • Glenda Heckert

    teacup pigs | Tea Cup Pigs Are The Hottest Pet Trend In Britain! Here's The Low Down ...

  • Angela Hill Childress

    Adult Micro Mini Pigs | Cute: Tiny pigs the size of tea cups are the latest pet craze sweeping ...

  • Katie Paez

    tea cup pigs - Look Denise you can have a baby pig!

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