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Patio Landscaping Ideas

Checkerboard Patio ~ And an outdoor fireplace. I've wanted the fireplace for years, now I just need the checkerboard grass/tiles to go with it. Oh, maybe a house too?

Great idea for bedroom.

orchid purple accent color with lush greens for outdoor patio room - color inspiration idea and color palette idea.

Fire Pit #YourNextDeck


The James Taylor Porch Fire Pit/Water Fountain - "I've seen Fire and I've seen Rain." Maybe use this fire pit design on gravel patio

pond and fireplace

40 Amazing Backyard Pond Design Ideas

Arnold Masonry & Concrete by Stonehenge Hardscape Atlanta, via interior design

Amazing outdoor fireplace

The fireplace I want in my back yard.The kids would love making smores by fire. Sitting in the evening by the warm toasty fire. Although red brick would match our house much better!

Rustic Outdoor Fireplace | Eldorado Stone

An outdoor fireplace design on your deck, patio or backyard living room instantly makes a perfect place for entertaining, creating a dramatic focal point.

Add warmth and ambience to your outdoor room with a fireplace.

Get inspired by these lovely ideas for incorporating outdoor fireplaces into your backyard. Even if you have a small yard, you'll find a fireplace idea that will work for the space you have.


outdoor fire grill by waterfall jacuzzi. We had a hot tub water fall into our pool growing up so I'm sure I'll want one one day for nostalgic reasons as well as they are always show stoppers

Rustic Outdoor Fireplace - Adventure Time This on a piece of property with eye hooks to attach tarps to create an awesome tent camping experience.

53 Most amazing outdoor fireplace designs ever

53 Most amazing outdoor fireplace designs ever Having an outdoor fireplace on your deck, patio or backyard living room instantly makes it a.

writing studio // Converted Garage

Garden shed, guest house or outdoor studio . you decide. Wow, this is quite the fantasy garden shed! I don't know how practical it would be tho.