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Never pay for onions again. Grow your own fresh onions year round. Page also includes tips for growing tomatoes, pineapple, herbs, etc. My well riped avacado seed was sprouting inside the fruit, so I...

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Tomato Plant Care Using Coffee Grounds

COFFEE GROUNDS IN THE GARDEN. This supplies much-needed nitrogen to your garden. Tomatoes, gardenias, and a host of other plants will benefit from the occasional dumping of your used grinds into the soil.

De-suckering tomatoes - make sure you do this with your tomato plants. You will get bigger and better tomatoes!

Perennial Tomatoes-same plant year after year. Am I correct in thinking this would keep GMO's from ruining our veggies? If we're planting heirloom varieties, even if our plants got pollinated with GMO pollen, we're not using the tainted seeds our plants would now have, right? for thought....

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How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors

You can easily grow tomatoes indoors at a south facing window. Give your tomato plant banana peelings, egg shells, and coffee grounds. Put them in small holes around the plant and cover them. You'll grow great fresh tomatoes. CLICK PHOTO for how to grow indoor tomatoes.

9 Vegetables to Grow Indoors: Mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and other popular vegetables can be raised indoors. Slide show on Reader's Digest at

How to Tie Tomatoes. There are two reasons to tie tomatoes, and there's a different tie for each one. Train the leader to grow upright with a loose, figure-eight tie. To support burgeoning fruit, loop a long tie above a fruit cluster, and tie it to the stake 6 to 10 inches higher. Loop the tie twice around the stake and tie it tightly so the tomatoes dont pull it down with their weight.

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Crazy way to grow a bumper tomato crop

Here's a crazy way to grow a bumper crop of tomatoes!

Rubbermaids rule :The Earth Tainer. How to build your own self watering container, similar to the Earthbox. I made something similar called a Global Bucket (see the Pin in my Garden Board on them) to grow tomatoes and made a box like this one for my Basil. The Basil was amazing. I'd water it once in the morning and it always used just the amount of water the plants needed. Build one this year. You won't be disappointed with the results.


How to Propagate Basil – For Pennies!

Growing basil