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Tita holanda pandolfi - Google+

Tita holanda pandolfi - Google+

Trinity Box (Pen Holder) by Yami Yamauchi.  Link to diagrams by Mari Michaelis.  Lots of other cool stuff on both these origamist's websites.

Origami pen holder Trinity Box by Yami Yamauchi. Link to diagrams.

Origami wreath.

Ann Martin's All Things Paper explores creative paper art and paper craft. She wants you to be inspired to look at paper in a new light.

DIY leaf crown - great for a photo shoot or just for fun!

How to make a crown of leaves

pretty fairy festival headgear for autumn play in the woods , parties and craft for harvest and autumn fairs DIY leaf crown - great for a photo shoot or just for fun!


origami,paper Instructions in a different language

Robin Star (ver 2, Dec 2012) Type: modular origami star Designer: Maria Sinayskaya Units: 8

Diagram for an modular origami star, Robin Star, designed by Maria Sinayskaya. Folded with 8 square sheets of paper, assembled without glue.

Stetler Arts | Rubber Stamping Tutorials | Card Making Ideas: Origami Shirts

We made the shirt card at my clubs this week and I thought these can be made in mini form to put on a card. They are so darn easy.