Never buy play dough again! This recipe makes the best play dough ever.

Different Play Dough Recipes

Giant Bubble Recipes from Busy Kids Happy Mom

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KOOL-AID Play Dough recipe

How to make Glitter Slime| FUN

Best ever 4 minute no-cook play dough recipe!

DIY galaxy stardust play-dough

Here's a fun sensory activity that you can play any time of year, but would be especially fun at Easter time: Sound Eggs! Fill each egg with a different object to make different sounds when you shake them. Fill your eggs in pairs so you can play a matching game!

Paint in ziplock bags, taped to table. Great distraction, no mess

Silky soft play dough for kids using 2 ingredients1 cup conditioner (cheaper the better) 2 cups cornflour/cornstarch Glitter (optional)

Great recipe for homemade playdoh. Makes a big batch so you can make lots of colors.

We love this play dough. It smells great :-)

how to make kid art stuff

Flubber recipe.

Kool-aid = colorful play dough

Be sure to check out this Easy Homemade Play-Doh recipe! A super fun activity to do with the kids!

2 cups flour 1 cup salt 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 tablespoons cream of tartar 1 1/2 cups boiling water Optional: add a few drops of food coloring and/or scent

DIY play dough tips and tricks

Homemade paint recipes- baby safe paints, finger paints, fizzing paints, face paint, bath paint recipes, and more!