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    • Barbara Siglin

      Vintage Tools - Dance of the potato mashers...

    • Patricia Pichany-Mapley

      1950s Potato Mashers

    • Laurie Enderle

      1950s Potato Mashing Tools PLEASE. . .I still use these.

    • Dianne Conley

      Potato mashers ... love the different configurations. These made such delicious mashed potatoes - SO much better than those that come in a box!

    • Lori Holmberg DeLong

      Vintage kitchen tools. These made the best mashed potatoes.

    • Renate Wolfe

      vintage kitchen tools - I pick up vintage cooking utensils whenever I can. I love the feeling that another cook before me used one to cook good things for her family, and old kitchen utensils are so much more durable than new ones you can find at discount stores, like Target or Walmart. RW

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    George Jones-He Stopped Loving Her Today....

    Large Vintage Aluminum Colander: vintage? I'm still using one just like this...

    bank of school lockers in a warehouse, from the Olsson & Jensen website's "Vintage" page. Ever useful in the right place, with a new coat of paint...

    Retro iPhone Case "Tourist" by Hine Mizushima, via Behance

    How can this be vintage Coach if I'm still using one just like it?

    Industrial Steel Lift: This one's wood, and gorgeous, and patinated, and probably goes pretty high, but I have one almost like it on the front porch in regular use today. Mine's OSHA orange.

    Good news: This bright orange dustpan is impossible to misplace. Bad news: There goes your excuse not to dust (didn't they mean "sweep?" you use a dustpan for SWEEPing, not for DUSTing). This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age.

    This paper cutter bears the marks of its history. Some rust and discoloration only add to its indestructible charm. It features a heavy metal handle and blade with a heavy-duty spring, and its original label on bottom. This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age.

    This retro Swingline stapler mysteriously disappeared from the principal’s office one day after detention. This gently used vintage product is in good condition. Shows some signs of age. ... How many people have been laid off and left their staplers behind (or tore off the Dymo label...), never realizing they were destroying $22 of antique value?

    This pair of watermelon crystal cufflinks features a 1960s design by Dante. This vintage product is in mint, original condition. 0.8” top diameter. 1” long. I have, or did have, this pair... one of the crystals had a flaw by the time it came my way.

    Based in Western Germany, Olympia became hugely successful with the introduction of the ‘50s SM-3. Featuring a bubblegum pink exterior with spots of pea green, this typewriter, custom painted by Kasbah Moderne, is one of the finest working machines of the era. Regularly $750. Now, where is your old typewriter? Chase Gilbert says, "I love typewriters. I love the tactile experience of writing with truly obsolete technology. The typewriter gives me equal parts freedom and discipline."

    Spirograph ideas insert - when we were limited to the colors of ballpoint pens!

    Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Competes with Food Lion in my home town. Same pig logo, dressed up a little differently.

    Tupperware we had this exact set. I still do! (And they show up in the thrift shop stream all the time--do people no longer save leftovers?)

    Inner tube....we had these for going to the lake and sliding down hills....they were such a blast!! ... And they still are! We floated the Yakima River a few years ago; Tons of fun!

    Commercial hoops, for children. See to make your own.

    Vintage Aluminum Measuring Spoons look surprising like the ones in my kitchen drawer. Of course, given the amount of cooking I do, they'll never wear out!

    The best after-exposure treatment for poison ivy. I keep a bar handy.

    pop pop pop pop pop pop. They still make them, and one year olds still love them, and they're a perfect gift if you're the aunt....

    Bowling balls? Vintage? I have 38 in my garden, some decorated, some simply aging in the sun. Find a bowler--they always have old ones looking for a home.

    The Boston pencil sharpener. Still in use.

    Spirograph; actually, the Super Spirograph set. Works well with gel pens if you get a long enough nib. Gears still skip if get distracted. Hard to find, but the original is much more fun than the re-released knockoffs.

    Old School Paper Cutter. Actually, I'd love to have one of these wooden ones today. The one I use is plastic and not heavy enough to hold steady as well as the wooden ones did.

    clothespin bag: this pin made me create this new board, for items other people think are "vintage" and I'm still using today. Only my bag looks better than this one.

    OMG LOVED The Big Red Pen! I'm still using fountain pens and would still be using my big red if I hadn't worn the nib completely away...