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Towel folding tutorial

Fancy Towel Fold

snail and seal

Towel turkey/peacock

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Towel Turtle

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palm tree

towel swans/peacocks

real-life towel animal

Towel art makes me smile

Towel art

Towel art...The only kind of scorpion I want to see on my bed.

Dinosaur towel animal / towel origami.

Towel Animal - Duck. Carnival cabin stewards put a different towel creation in your cabin each night.

Private eye towel art

Towel Art

Another animal... Alaskan Cruise! Holland America cruise..

San Diego bat!!

Disney All Sports Resort!!

Towel Animals & Towel Origami

Scary Towel Animal

Towel Origami by Denali Wally, via Flickr

Towel Origami in Playa del Carmen, Posada Mariposa by Wise Acre, via Flickr