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    • Jaime Wasser

      6 uses for dryer lint. Kind of gross but I like the planter idea.

    • Jena Ryssman

      use dryer lint as a fire starter and more

    • Julie Finkel

      Woah! Crazy tips for an "useless" household item!

    • Kimberley Christianson

      I have a nice collection of toilet rolls, paper towel and egg cartons to make my own fire starters for camping.. Oh ya and a grocery bag full of lint.

    • Gen Phelps

      who knew?! dryer lint makes great seed starter carpet

    • Kara Armitage

      Uses for dryer lint Use as a firestarter by putting it in a empty toilet paper roll and put under kindling Kind of gross but why not?!

    • Brittany Cook

      things to do with dryer lint

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