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These Tattoos Are The Definition Of Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

I would do this with my best friend. One would have the key and the other would have the keyhole.

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Getting Inked: Tattoo Basics

For the record-- I will NEVER get 'fearless' tattooed on me. No one is truly fearless. Tis word is far to overused, and I hate it. I simply pinned this for the different fonts. This will help me decided which style to design my own in.

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Getting your Tattoo Instructions

I hope the back of my neck doesnt hurt. That's where I want my first tattoo


20 Cute and Crazy Frozen Tattoos Every Fan Will Be Obsessed With

Frozen tattoo...I would do "That perfect girl is gone." So debating this or my Pocahontas one. I can't decide!