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My house, in the middle of my street..

It's Scary How Accurate These 23 Tweets Are About Dating And Relationships

In order to feel like I am standing in the rain instead of taking shower, I would want to have a bathroom with really high and huge shower head in my house. More

Pet hair is apart of my daily life. I have no problem with pet hair on every single surface in my house. After all, I have one of the breeds on the list of top twenty dogs that shed so if I didn’t have pet hair everywhere it would be a concern. However, I do …

houses of hogwarts → ravenclaw I post a lot of ravenclaw I think. not because its my house (I cant bring myself to find out my house) but because I love the colors bronze and blue

Cairn Terrier Puppy when I am old I shall snake him in my house he's so little perhaps I could conceal him lol