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Be mindfully praying about the things that you think could help reach people.⠀ ⠀ Preparing content and ideas can make you feel overwhelmed; so, when youʼre prepping to have a planning session give yourself a bit of time before the meeting to let ideas stew in your head. Be mindfully praying about the things that you think could help reach people and further the mission of your church ahead of time. Be full of energy (if that means coffee, then coffee up, if that just means sleep, then get a…

Credit to goes to– Bless YOU!!!!! Do I have any “Wounded Healers” in the room? You’ve been there– you would have never signed up to have gone there, but it happened and it’s now a part of your life song. You would never, ever choose to go back to that awful time, but because it …

Let's strive to take more time each day and dig deep into the Word, breathe in life, and learn more about God's character, truths, and promises. I pray that through this time, as we grow our roots deeper into God's Word, that we continuously seek His goodness and look at all circumstances with a heart of gratitude.

21 Outreach Ideas for Kids

Outreach for kids should be interesting, engaging and give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Let your kids choose their particular outreach projects in which to take part. This will give them a feeling of empowerment, and they will enjoy the project more. #kidmin

This could be a good idea for youth lesson on blessings. Or make a knot for every problem/diffuculty you may be facing and then go back and untie the knots while listening for Gods answers in meditation. Letting the problems go to God.

Puzzle Pieces Prayer Station Idea. Hold the puzzle piece Are you willing to let Jesus hold the pieces of your life today? Talk to Him about that… Take Home a Puzzle Piece Let this be a reminder that Jesus is in control And He is holding all things together He is holding you too