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Latino America se hace sentir #FSOGLatinoamerica #OfficialFifty @fiftyshades @E_L_James @DanaBrunetti

"Grey Blanket" Ana awakes wrapped in Christian Grey. More of Victoria's work. This in one of my favorites.

Latino America se hace sentir #FSOGLatinoamerica #OfficialFifty @fiftyshades @E_L_James @DanaBrunatti

In Fifty Shades of Grey, June 18 is Christian Grey's birthday. So I decided to mark the occasion by creating an illo at the moment he receives an early gift from Ana!

Playful Christian makes an appearance in Fifty Shades Darker as Ana is in the middle of dressing for a masquerade ball. I thought I'd create an illustration capturing a moment from that scene when he gives her outfit a few final touches… ;)

"He Sees You When You're Sleeping" Christian watching Ana sleep. Not my idea of Christian, but I LOVE Victoria's FSOG drawings!!! Love them!!!!

Although it isn't specifically stated in the Fifty Shades trilogy, the approximate date of Christian and Ana's wedding could actually fall on July 30, so I thought I would try to complete a piece in time for their anniversary! :)