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Vaniljan kukkia ja lyijykynäpölytystä - Luomuksen intendentti Maarten Christenhusz valmistautuu vaniljan kukkien pölytykseen teroittamalla huolellisesti lyijykynänsä. Vaniljan pölyttäjinä toimivia Melipona-suvun mehiläisiä esiintyy vain kasvin kotiseuduilla, joten keinotekoinen pölytys oli merkittävä keksintö sadon saamiseksi.

This is a place called "Viiskulma" which translates to "Five corners". Oh, and all the pics are taken five o'clock! This corner is on Fredrikinkatu and Pursimiehenkatu.

Locally made, this wonderful soap is made from the honey of the Melipona Bee! The Melipona bee’s honey is known for its unique healing properties and is an important part of Mayan culture. #mayakoba #nature #luxury #rivieramaya #culture

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

Earth Day: A history of green awareness [Infographic]

Earth Day: A history of green awareness #environment #infographic #EarthDay

Many orchids co-evolved to select species of bees. In the case of the vanilla orchid, it was long believed to be a Mexican stingless bee, Melipona.

Esto es organico; chile molido, jabones de propolio, jabones de jalea real, miel de abeja melipona, sal marina, chia, stevia, café de Ramon, horchata de Ramón, y mas....

Vanilla Hand Pollination - Did you know vanilla is hand pollinated? It's natural pollinator (Melipona) is only found in Mexico! A 12 year old boy discovered hand pollination by accident and that's how we can now globally cultivate this plant! #India #Chekin #Travel