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  • Sarah Mailey

    Proof that Disney movies are real life. Too funny!!!!

  • Hope Cagle

    real life fairy tale HA!! Too funny!!

  • Danielle Valliquette

    Cinderella Wedding & Royal Wedding

  • Marla Pierce

    Proof that Disney movies are real life. Virginia, I thought you would enjoy this!

  • Joie de Viv

    Royal Wedding Coincidence? hahaha (the cartoons were photoshopped to color match) - saw this and thought it was too funny!

  • Hibbah Nasir

    Cinderella is a women, and women wear dresses and skirts and not jeans and a t-shirt. Cinderella did exactly that and her wedding dress was so beautiful and elegant that it influenced the idea of fairy tales in real life, as Princess Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in an extravagant wedding dress similar to her’s.

  • Kimberly Baxter

    Real life prince charming!

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I'll have to remember this the next time someone gets in my way! lolololol!!

That’s why Julie Andrews is so great!

Too funny! My daughter isn't allowed to date until I am dead. ;) Well maybe I'll consider it when she is 30....

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This actually made me laugh harder the more I looked at and thought about it lol I'm still laughing

I am totally getting one of these for my brother. My baby brother.

A sign saying this VERY thing used to hang next to the cash register at our city pool in the 70's.... I cant still remember the day I FINALLY "got" what it meant and thought it was so funny... but always felt a little guilty cause it always felt so good to pee in the pool. (C'mon, you know its true)

Always be specific. Just in case the Wish Genie is a total dick.