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"Jesus loved the outcasts. He loves the ones the world just loves to hate." — Failure To Excommunicate, Relient K

Your character should speak for itself, Christianity done right. Stand for what the word says, don't condone sin but you shouldn't have to preach to get your point across. They should see it in application and see the benefit of Christ in your life without you having to convince them why they souls choose messiah and a life of purity and love. Fruit speaks for itself. - Steven Valentine

Yup, that's been my mantra for the last few years, especially with my kids - they are in their early twenties now. Really, I have to explain myself to "you" ? I think not.

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths" Libraries play a key role here - opening minds ...not to mention click on the pin to see a list of books on how to deal with difficult people!

If this isn't the ultimate truth....Always the dirty handed ones pointing fingers...victim mentality

from Equipping Godly Women

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

How a good and loving God ever allow so many bad things to happen? Here are three reasons that make a lot of sense.

I love this. I don't need church to feel close to god or to have a relationship with god! I love church and plan on going back though :)