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Line drawing: Sneak Peek for prep for screen printing next week This is a Giclee on canvas stretched over a wood frame and coated with a crackle gel finish. - Measures x - Made in the USA. - Artist: Elena Carlie - Please allow weeks.

Closeup of Shaved Coral, black and white photo.

tara donovan, Detail of Untitled Ballpoint Pen Drawing, 2002 ballpoint pen on paper. Another fabulous lee lange arts advisory curation.

alex-quisite:   Circles: Concentric Overlap 2 (via the absolute DESIGN blog…)

Concentric Waves note: a whole group dedicated to envelope security patterns! (via I love envelopes!

Copy image and transfer to a word document- than print onto white fabric and use as background to a quilt, pillow, mural etc.

iPhone wallpaper love this print Margaret Rankin ~ lino print ~ Journal cover at Etsy.

Lulu DK Child fabric "Firecrackers" (comes in multiple colorways). All these Lula DK Child fabrics are options for basement bunk room as well.

itsdontheman: Vintage Ephemera: Willow Bough wallpaper designed...

itsdontheman: Vintage Ephemera: Willow Bough wallpaper designed... (I measure my life in coffee spoons.)

Morris & Co. ~ William Morris ~ Willow Bough ~ Wallpaper ~ Woodblock print on paper ~ 1887