Eyeliner 101....maybe we should attempt eyeliner again? If nothing else just to laugh at each other!

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Perfect every day eye makeup

The BEST eye shadow colors that compliment YOUR eyes!!!

Need to figure out which brush to use for eyeliner? Check out this infographic!

Eyeliner styles

Simple Eyeliner Tutorials for Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Makeup Tutorials at http://makeuptutorials.com/makeup-tutorials-beauty-tips

Sometimes this works for me other times it doesn't but I will perfect it one day

Eyeliner, eyeshadow. This would look good on you Danielle

Useful Eye Makeup Tip

Eyeshadow/eyeliner for eye colors.

Black and blue eyeliner

Winged eyeliner

Does your eyeliner need a makeover? Here are 10 Eyeliner Tricks to make your eyes look great.

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Fashion and Eyeliner

Eyeliner tutorial

eyeliner styles

The "I'm Not Trying" Eye.

turquoise eyeliner