Wedding day tipping, how much to tip your wedding vendors- Good info to remember

Also a good website:

Tips on Tipping. This blog post gives you an exact idea of how much to tip each of your vendors (and which ones you don't need to tip at all!)


Very helpful!

Who pays for what in the wedding

The 10 Common Wedding Day Timing Mistakes. This is a GREAT list and luckily, I've thought about most of it :) So glad my wedding is after pinterest became popular lol.

A super helpful guide to the logistics of getting married. Glad to find this since most blogs don't focus on the "how is this shit getting done" part of planning for a wedding.

Wedding songs. Pretty impressive list actually

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

10 Hidden Wedding costs. I'll be so happy I pinned this one day!!

Wedding day tips

Wedding idea

SOOO helpful.

Cute DIY idea to distribute tips to vendors at the end of the night

A cute way to distribute tips at the end of the night to your wedding vendors

DIY Bridal Bouquets

Must do this!

Wedding Songs for everything

Honestly, this (and with a ring, obviously) would be the cutest, simplest way to propose.

all the places that you need to remember to get your name changed after you get married...was just wondering about this!