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Purple butterfly, purple ribbon are symbols of #fibromyalgia

Purple ribbon for lupus....

Lupus Ribbon....Here's to hoping 2014 goes by without any lupus flares!

Cure Lupus Butterfly Ribbon Round Pendant by ACharmedLife4 on Etsy, $5.00

Fibromyalgia - Be aware! The silent disease. Don't judge what you can't see! Lauren Urick Hibbard

Fibro: You know you have a chronic illness when it's more fun to find cute pajamas than actual clothes. This is SO ME !!

Gosh yes. Sums up my fashion sense these days. If I can find clothing that doesn't make me want to claw my skin off because it has a tag or isn't soft enough or touches the wrong place, I'm happy. If it happens to be cute? Even better. And if it happens to be all of the above in one pair of pajamas? Score!!