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What the hell light! XD Assassins Creed

Sometimes I need to be alone with my music / music quotes / Lilo and Stitch / Disney

No Man November was a success and I conquered Don't Date December. Im expecting to thrive in Just Me January so I can level up to Forever Alone February. #singlelife

nice A guy in a suit is way more attractive than a guy with his pants down to his knees. But that's just me. by

Qoute, "Sometimes you have to let faith lead the way even though you can't see where it will take you."

I've been a fan of football for over 50 years...I'm DONE...IT'S OVER...SO LONG...NOTHING BUT PUNKS...THUG S. ..CHEATERS...WIFE AND CHILDREN BEATERS...DRUG ADDICTS

One time in algebra, I just burst. I couldn't stop. My teacher just kind of stared at me for a while, which didn't help, then went on with class while I was laughing. This proceeded to make me laugh harder :).

Inspirational quotes

I love the night. I hate the sun. I wish it could be dark all the time. I could spend hours laying outside under the stars. No matter the weather.