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Maria’s bubble bap

Maria’s bubble bap | It’s the order her market caff is most famous for, and Maria claims that it’s her bubble and squeak that put the dish back on British menus. With fans like food writer Matthew Fort, chef Jamie Oliver and HRH the Prince of Wales, it seems foolish to argue with her. “Bubble and squeak is very simple,” she says. She makes hers by frying cold, boiled potato and cabbage together, “keep frying and keep adding to it,” says Maria. (You can press it into a patty, with lots of…

DEF!NITION OF FRESH : Video: Born Unique - Typhoon Goons...Virginia veteran emcee Born Unique teams up with Brooklyn producer Lucky Loopiano to bring the world "The Red Devil Chronicles". Together they cultivate a filthy recipe with 18 tracks of gritty lyricism over a dark dusty display of pure grimey Boom Bap.

Sometimes lmao (btw this is GOT7's JB talking to B.A.P's Youngjae on the phone during their show together on "Celebrity Bromance"

Chè Bắp (Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding)

Chè Bắp (Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding) Serves 10 3 large ears corn, shucked 4 cups water 2 pandan leaves, tied together and knotted (optional) 1/4 cup small tapioca pearls 2 (14-ounce) cans coconut milk 1/2 cup granulated sugar Pinch salt 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds

Love this picture! -side note: B.A.P is amazing for waiting until Zelo turned 18 so they could leave TS Entertainment together <3

@dh_jung_bap 스카이다이브 벌써 활동이끝났네요...! 너무 아쉽지만. 여러분들과 이 추운겨울 함께해서 너무행복했습니다! 여러분들이있기에 저희가있어요. 항상 감사하고 사랑합니다❤️ Skydive promotions are already over…! It is such a pity. But I was very happy because I was together with you all this cold winter! It’s because of you all that we are here. Always thank you and I love you❤️