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(1) Tiffany Rose ⛸ (@FromPawnToQueen) | Twitter

(1) Tiffany Rose ⛸ (@FromPawnToQueen) | Twitter

Stop Being Afraid. This is cool. Yes other religions, classes and all. This goes all ways!

I want YOU to stop being AFRAID of other Americans, of other Religions, of other Classes, of other Nations and of Speaking Out. You're Americans. ACT LIKE IT. If you don't get it, ask an American who does!

The Republican war against women is prototypical of every politically extreme group, whether right-wing Republicans, or tribal Afghan warlords.  They always prey upon the weak instead of protecting them.

But there's no Republican War on Women. Just ask any well-fed rich white Republican man. He'll tell you the same thing about racism, too.

A demonstrator celebrates in Baltimore the charges were announced on May 1.

Baltimore residents react while police in riot gear stand guard after Baltimore authorities released a report on the death of Freddie Gray, May 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Henry Wallace was a very wise man, and like Bernie, he scares the establishment democrats !

This actually makes me sad, because members of my family believe this. It's embarrassing.

If you ever feel stupid remember there are grown adults who believes two penguins walked from antarctica to get on an ark in the Middle East.